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Brand Story

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Butiq brand story
The Butiq brand comes from Beauty unique's portfolio, Butiq, which means “unparalleled beauty” and is an international nail art brand under the company.
With the dream of bringing the healthiest, most innovative and fashionable nail decoration to women in all countries, combined with Korea's advanced beauty nail technology and China's superior environment, Baodi brand was founded as an international professional manufacturer of beauty nail products and related. Beauty equipment, exported to Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries. It has developed into a business operation system integrating design, production, export trade and domestic marketing.
Breguet not only decorated the nails, but also decorated the dreams of beauty. The perfect combination of international popular elements and brand features, even in different countries, they feel the same charm, providing women consumers with high-quality, fashionable and diversified nail products to meet various nail needs.
In the future, Breguet will always be committed to leading the fashion trend of nail art to create a taste of life, allowing consumers around the world to enjoy healthy nail art and unparalleled beauty.
Brand positioning - comfort + health + service + fashion + international
[Comfort] Leading technology, a number of international patents, can produce the most comfortable and comfortable piece of A, comfortable and beautiful.
[Health] Select the best raw materials, precise toner ratio, strict production control and the best quality, ensure that each product is safe and reliable, let you enjoy the natural high-grade life.
[Service] We will provide the most complete and best quality products, warm and thoughtful service to meet your comfort, natural and fashionable personality requirements.
[Fashion] Professional design and development team, combined with the latest and most fashionable elements, create a variety of styles of A, change from oneself, leading the fashion trend.
[Internationalization] Through the strict quality inspection of various countries, it has exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States and many other countries, and has won many national awards and entered the international market.
Qualification certification ---
[Nail care is better than facial care]
Choose the most environmentally friendly "clothing" for your nails, and avoid inferior quality damage to your nails. This is the best care for your nails. The double-sided tape and glue used for our nails have been professionally tested and do not contain harmful ingredients for nails. Even if the nail is not polished, it can be placed on the nails. Because the double-sided adhesive and glue under the brand is strong, strong and waterproof, the nails have good adhesion and excellent flexibility. According to the nail curvature of each person and the frequency of daily manual labor, it can be maintained for 1 day to 14 days. It can also maintain a long time of colorfulness without causing damage to the nails.
Butiq promises beautiful and healthy!
The advantage of Butiq Breguet ---
Craft production
We select the best ingredients
We use the most accurate toner ratio
We produce the purest and no variegated nails.
Quality Assurance
Optimal raw materials determine the best quality
Excellent elasticity and toughness, the piece is no longer delicate.
Advanced UV sealing layer, the A piece is no longer easy to face, and it is still in daily touch.
Can maintain 14 days of continuous color.
Strict quality control before leaving the factory to ensure that each piece of film shows professional quality.
Humanized design 
Professional designers from all over the world, combining the latest trends, fashion elements, design a variety of floral popular styles.
24 pieces per box, 10 different sizes, no matter how big or small your nails are, there is always something for you.
Designed according to the standard characteristics of Asian women's nails, its excellent fit makes your nails as natural and comfortable.
The company's own mold research and development team, according to ergonomics, in accordance with the designer's strict design philosophy. Produces the most comfortable and healthy nails that fit the A-curve.
Brand Story