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ENNIO PRODUCTS INC. is a Sino-Korea joint venture established in 2000. It is a professional nail company integrating development, production, sales and brand operation. The factory has a production area of ​​over 10,000 square meters and total assets. Ten million yuan, more than 300 employees. Products are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Europe, Africa and more than 30 countries.
The company has an international production base and strict and standardized process, perfect quality control to provide reliable product quality assurance for production, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management certification, the company's products have a number of invention patents and design patents . In 2011, it also created the top sales in the world in terms of annual sales, and sales led the industry at home and abroad.
In order to adhere to the original design concept, the company has developed a number of differentiated products, which have won the favor of customers with stable and excellent quality and perfect after-sales service. It is unique in international and domestic famous beauty exhibitions and has been widely praised and received global love. The love of beautiful people.
The vision is magnificent and the prospects are brilliant. Adhering to the business philosophy of providing the best service to customers based on talents and technology, and implementing the quality policy of manufacturing, innovation, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, we have become a respected enterprise. 
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Business philosophy
From high quality, high technology Beauty
With the business philosophy of “satisfying the health and beauty of customers”, the company has been working tirelessly to pursue the simultaneous creation of product value creation, technological innovation and quality stability. We are also looking forward to letting the world pay attention to the company, letting the world develop the world's leading nail technology, and finally form the most high-quality service and become a trusted, global first-class nail art manufacturer. A win-win situation.
Management policy
Customer Satisfaction: Enhance customer satisfaction, enhance customer trust, and improve customer recognition
Focus on technology: Provide leading technology R&D environment, create patent technology development conditions, research and develop differentiated products
Social Responsibility: Enterprise development and employee growth are unified, and corporate interests are coordinated with customer needs.
The production of enterprises is consistent with environmental protection, the pursuit of corporate value, and the return of society.
core value
Passion: Inducing personal growth and development, motivating a steady stream of motivation
Creativity: a relaxed and free communication environment, novel ideas absorb and communicate with each other, and stimulate unlimited creativity.
Trust: Promote mutual trust in corporate culture and passion to develop reliable products